MagicShine MJ-872 (clear lens) 1600 Lumens LED Bicycle Light Set

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MagicShine MJ-872 (clear lens) 1600 Lumens LED Bike Light. Different high quality waterproof Li-ion battery choices: MJ-6038 4.4Ah BAK battery, MJ-828 4.4Ah BAK battery, 6.6Ah BAK battery, 5.6Ah Samsung battery, 6.2Ah Panasonic battery, and 9.3Ah Panasonic battery.
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Regular Price: $124.95

Special Price: $79.95

New! MagicShine MJ-872 1600 Lumens Bike Light Set with clear lens.

Package contents:

  • 4 x CREE XP-G 1600 lumen LED Bike light
  • Different batteries
  • Charger
  • Rubber mounting O-rings


  • Supports 4 running mode - 100% - 75% - 50% -30%
  • 2 buttons up/down which allow you easily switch running mode
  • Push and hold any switch for 2 seconds will turn off the light from any mode
  • 5 Stage power meter: Green (75% - 100%), Blue (50% - 75%), Yellow (25%-50%), Red (10% - 25%), Flash red (less than 10%)



  • LED: 4 x CREE XP-G
  • Luminous flux: 1600LM
  • LED lifespan: Above 50,000 hours
  • Lens: clear lens
  • Reflector: Orange peel reflector
  • Case Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy
  • Surface treatment: Type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Switch: Click switch
  • Working modes: 100%-75%-50%-30% brightness
  • Battery pack: 8.4V/4.4AH or 8.4V/5.6AH or 8.4V/6.6AH
  • Charging time: 3-3.5 hours
  • Run time: 2 hours with 4.4Ah battery (Max output), Other batteries have longer runtime
  • Waterproof Level: IPX-4
  • Accessories: Battery pack,Charger,O-rings
  • Product size: ø42*49MM
  • Working temperature: -10℃~40℃
  • Storage temperature: 10℃-25℃
  • Other accessories (Sold seperately): Extension cable, Y cable, Helmet mout, Head strap


872 Light Head ONLY avaible here.


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  1. Own the night Review by sandman

    This is an awesome light! Small, easy to mount, powerful, you couldn't ask for a better light. I ride mostly urban at night but I could go Deer Hunting with it if I wanted to. The only improvement would maybe be to have the beam pattern more horizontal instead of circular but I'm happy with it anyway. You can't go wrong with this light! (Posted on 8/2/12)

  2. reef bug Review by WIDE Beam, nice features BRIGHT!

    Ride night rides a few times a week, here in Sunny Tucson AZ., I have had this light for about a year now, and it has been troble free, has almost a 180 degree useable beam . I often forget to turn on my helmet light while running this light. You wont find a better light under 500$. (Posted on 8/2/12)

  3. Two is better than one Review by ThomasN

    I recently bought the MagicShine MJ-872 to compliment my MagicShine MJ-808E - 872 on the helmet and 808E on handle bar. Comparing the two, the 872 is definitely brighter at closer range which makes for a nice flood light, but the 808E has a further throw. Update 3/20/2012 - I've been biking with two of these MJ-872 mounted on my handlebar with the customized metal mounts bought from Bike Empowerment. This is a lot better setup in terms of cost than getting the NiteRider Pro 3000 that costs anywhere from $400-$500. For my helmet, I use the MagicShine MJ-808E which gives a longer light throw. Together they light up the whole trail... about 4200 lumens total (supposedly) and yet still cheaper than the NiteRider Pro 3000 (3000 lumens). Update 4/24/2012 - Just got the new MagicShine MJ-880 (2000 lumens). This light replaced my MJ-808E on the helmet and compliments the MJ-872s on my handlebar really well. There's not a whole lot of difference in brightness between the 872 and 880 at 20 feet, but longer than that, one can notice that the 880 shoots the beam farther. The 808E still has the longest light beam. In short, the MJ-808E is best bang for the buck. If you want intense brightness the 872 is a good buy, but if you want an all-around light with the brightest amount of lumens and good light throw, the MJ-880 is the one to get. (Posted on 8/2/12)

  4. Magicshine MJ-872, CREE LED Headlamp Review by Michael

    Magicshine MJ-872, (4) CREE LED Light About the Author: I have been using sports lights for over twenty years for various applications including bike riding at night and caving. I am also familiar with higher-end lighting systems manufactured by Princeton Tec, StenLight, Petzl, NiteRider, Light & Motion, and most recently MagicShine. I am always looking for bright light systems to support my other hobby of shooting video at night using a helmet camera. Review: One day as I was Googling the Internet for lighting systems, I came across the Magicshine MJ-872, which is new for 2011. I decided to pick one up to see how well it performed. The basic kit comes with the Light Head, Lithium Battery, Battery Charger, Manual, and rubber O-Rings that are used to attach the light head to your handle bars. Other available accessories include O-Rings, Lithium Battery, Charger, 3' Extension Cable, Tail Light, Y-Cable, and two different types of Helmet Strap Mounts. If you plan on wearing the light on your helmet, you'll need to purchase the 3' extension cable and one of the Helmet Strap Mounts. Light Head The light uses (4) XP-G ultra-bright LEDs that can generate a maximum output of 1600 lumens. The front lens design creates a nice flood pattern with no lighting artifacts (i.e. light rings). The light color could be described as "white", which I prefer over other competing LED lights that have a "blue" tint. The light case is made of a premium Type III hard-anodized aluminum that is resistant to abrasions and scratches. The head is 42mm wide by 49mm long. The light is operated by a button on the back of the light head. The button provides on/off operations, and allows you to change the light's power settings. The button is also illuminated and glows a different color based on the remaining battery capacity (Green: 100-75%, Blue: 75-50%, Yellow: 50-30%, Red: 30-5%, and Blinking Red: less than 5%). When you run the light on high for a long period of time, it can get very warm to the touch. The light has built-in safety circuits that if the light gets too hot, the power level will automatically drop down to protect the system from overheating. I compared this light to my older Light & Motion Arc Ultra, which is an HID with a maximum output of 675 lumens. Needless to say, the MJ-872 is much brighter. Does the MJ-872 really put out 1600 lumens on high? Most manufacturers exaggerate on the lumen output of their products, and it is difficult to measure the true output without the proper equipment. Whether the actual output is 1400 lumens or 1600 lumens, the light in any event is very bright. O-Ring Mounting Design - Bike Mount Application: To wear the light on your bike helmet, you'll need to purchase a separate Helmet Strap Mount and the 3' extension cable. The O-Ring will hold the Light Head to the Mount pretty well. This O-Ring design works fine for this application since your body absorbs much of the vibration. If the light is mounted to your handlebars, the vibration than emanates from the bike will cause the light to vibrate thereby jostling the light beam a little. At the time of this review, the guys at Bike Empowerment have developed a solution for this problem, and offer a nice rigid handlebar mount for the light. Battery & Run-Times: The light kit comes with a battery pack that appears to be well made, and has a meter on top of it that shows the battery's charge level. The battery also comes with a built-in light feature so you can see the battery meter at night. The battery uses (4) 18650 lithium batteries that provide very reasonable run-times. There are other battery configurations for your consideration, which an on-line retailer can recommend based on your application. * 1600 Lumens (100%) - 2 HRs * 1200 Lumens (75%) - 3 Hrs * 800 Lumens (50%) - 4 HRs * 480 Lumens (30%) - 9.5 Hrs Water Proof - Ingress Protection (IP) Rating: The MJ-872 lighting system has an IP64 waterproof rating. This means the light system is dust tight (6) and can handle splashing water (4). You can use the light in the rain, but do not go swimming with it or expose it to a dynamic water environment. Reference Link: [...] Final Comments: LED lights have been catching up to HID lights regarding lumen output, and are much more energy efficient. I really like the MJ-872 for its high output, light color, and light pattern. The light head is very compact, and the battery provides long runtimes. It can be used in wet environments, and is very easy to operate. It offers several features on the light head and battery that allows the user to monitor battery power levels. I have seen prices for this light system from $120 - 200 on the Internet, depending if you find it on sale. You can always return the light if you don't like it, but make sure you understand the return policy from whomever you buy the light. There are also videos on YouTube that talk about the light system, so you may want to check them out. As of this review date, I give the light system (5) stars. MJ-872 Light System Specs: * Light source: 4×CREE XP-G * Lens: Optical lens (toughened glass) * Luminous flux: 1600LM * LED lifespan: Above 50,000 hours * Case material: 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy * Surface treatment: Type ' hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish * Switch: Click Switch * Working modes: 100% (est 1600 lumens), 75% (est 1200 lumens), 50% (est 800 lumens), and 30% (est 480 lumens) brightness * Battery: 4×18650 Li-ion batteries (8.4V 4.4AH) * Battery life: 500 times cycle * Charging time: 3-3.5 hours * Waterproof grade: IP64 * Size: 42×49MM * Accessories: Battery Pack, Charger, O-rings, Helmet Strap Mount * Working temperature: -10'~40' * Storage temperature: 10'-25' Magicshine Warranty: * Light head - 1 year, all other accessories - 180 days Magicshine Website: [...] (Posted on 8/2/12)

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